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Millicorp to Provide Next Generation Inmate Communication System for New Habilitation-Focused Prison to be Built in Wakita Oklahoma.


FORT MYERS, FL. May 12,  2011 -  Millicorp, a nationwide  provider of VoIP applications and services, announced today that it has entered  into a partnership with Corrections Concepts Incorporated (CCI) to open a new  624-bed, private/public prison facility in Wakita, Oklahoma.  The facility, which will be known as "The  Habilitation House," is designed for low to medium security adult male inmates  and is expected to open in 2012.  This  revolutionary facility will be the first of four to be operated and managed by CCI  in partnership with Millicorp, which will include a female adult facility, a  juvenile facility, and a geriatric facility.   Millicorp and CCI’s agreement calls for them to develop, deploy, and  manage an advanced technology Inmate Communications System.  Millicorp, the parent company of,  brings a unique vision to the inmate calling services industry that is focused  on leveraging VoIP and other advanced technologies to design and deploy a cohesive  and comprehensive next-generation inmate communication system.

Millicorp and CCI jointly  understand the intersection between security and safety within a correctional  institution and the capabilities of advanced telecommunications  technology.  Under its agreement with  CCI, Millicorp will provide the design, hardware, installation, and maintenance  and program management of the inmate and staff communications systems, which  will include voice, e-mail, and video conferencing.  The hardware and software for the project  will be engineered by Millicorp in conjunction with the use requirements  generated by, and with the assistance of, CCI.   The design will follow the standard corrections facility and criminal  justice requirements and will incorporate advanced commercial communications  solutions.

The partnership is highly focused on allowing  approved family members to stay in contact with their incarcerated loved ones  by implementing a secure and affordable communications system. Concentrating on  habilitation of the inmates is a central focal point for both parties and, as  prison studies have shown, familial communications is instrumental in reducing  recidivism rates.  The president and CEO  of Millicorp, Timothy Meade said, "It's time for prison telephone providers to join  the 21st century by designing a top security system at economical  rates for inmate users and, as importantly, their friends and families.  With our experience and foresight regarding  new technologies, we are excited to be the first to bring these concepts to the  industry"

Bill Robinson is the CEO and visionary  of CCI and the founder of the faith-based private/public prison facility and its  pre-release habilitation program.  The  first Habilitation House will be located in Wakita, Oklahoma and is scheduled to  be completed in 2012.  Mr. Robinson  interviewed several leaders in the prison telephone industry before deciding to  partner with Millicorp.  Mr. Robinson  said, "Millicorp not only offered the most technologically advanced system, but  they also understood the short and long-term benefits to society of restoring  and reuniting families of the incarcerated."

Mr. Robinson's  strongly believes that inmates must have the opportunity to become habilitated  and the ability to re-enter society as reformed citizens.  The partnership's mission is to become the  leader in a nationwide trend in the restoration of inmates and their families  by supporting new paradigms for offender habilitation.

Additional  information and the project start date will be announced publically once it is  confirmed.

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