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FCC Provides Millicorp Opportunity to Participate in First Trial of Issuance of Telephone Numbers to VoIP Providers

FORT MYERS, FL (April 22, 2013) – Millicorp today released the following statements in direct response to the decision of the Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) on April 18th 2013 to adopt a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, Order, and Notice of Inquiry (“Order”) regarding direct access to telephone numbers for VoIP providers. Millicorp is one of fifteen companies that has applied to the FCC for a waiver of existing and outdated rules that limit the ability of VoIP telephone companies to directly obtain access to telephone numbers. Currently, VoIP providers must purchase telephone numbers from the legacy telephone companies with which the VoIP providers compete. In the Order, the FCC established a trial program to provide VoIP providers with pending waiver petitions on file at the Commission, such as Millicorp, to directly access telephone numbers on a limited trial basis.

Timothy Meade, president and CEO stated today “We appreciate all of the efforts and resources Chairman Genachowski, the Commissioners, and the FCC staff have dedicated to preparing the Notice of Proposed Rule Making and Order on direct access to telephone numbers for VoIP providers. This is an excellent example of the Commission’s commendable efforts to update their regulatory framework to take into account changing communications technologies and the migration to an IP word. We are very excited to be provided with an opportunity to take part in the VoIP numbering trials and are confident that the trials will enable everyone to better understand and overcome any challenges that will arise as VoIP companies are provided with direct access to numbering. We appreciate the commitment of the FCC to address the issue of modernizing telecommunications worldwide and are looking forward to working with the Commission in this important proceeding.”

More information about the NRPM can be found on the FCC's website at

About Millicorp: Millicorp is a global provider of communication products, services and applications. Millicorp provides a range of services for both consumers and small/medium-sized businesses such as MilliTalk, ConsCallHome and MilliVox. Millicorp is an FCC registered telecommunications company. MilliVox is the wholesale division of Millicorp. It is an evolutionary solution engineered with an advanced stage infrastructure to deliver a reliable, simple to use and affordable wholesale communications network with a nationwide footprint.

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